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Membership: FAQs

If you don’t find the answers to your questions about NVCP below, please go to our CONTACT US page  to send us your question.

Are NVCP and NVACP the same thing?

Yes, The Northern Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists is now known as Northern Virginia Clinical Psychologists. There has been no change in our structure and we remain the Northern Virginia affiliate of the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists. We believe that this name is simply easier to remember and yet still lets the public know who we are and what we do.


How do I join?

You can join NVCP by completing the Virginia Psychological Association membership application or student application.  The VPA is currently developing a new website that will allow for online registration.  For now, please print out and mail your application to VPA-and be sure you join VACP and NVCP!


What is included in my membership?

With membership you belong to a group that provides advocacy for the field of psychology at the local, state and national level.  You are eligible for discounted rates at statewide conferences held in fall and spring, along with local continuing education programs.  Membership allows you to post your practice information on the “Find a Psychologist” referral service where prospective clients can search for you by name, location, specialty and population served.  You will receive quarterly newsletters and have access to an online discussion group with your local peers that include referrals, practice questions, clinical discussions and support.


How much does membership cost?

Membership dues are $205 for the first year and $280 thereafter.  (*individuals who join after June 30 will pay ½ of the amount)


When is my membership due?

Membership dues are to be paid by January 1 of each year. If you have not received a renewal notice you can download the renewal from the VPA website.

Because we are a regional affiliate of the VACP and VPA, dues are paid to all three organizations.  Here are the current annual dues as of 2013:

NVCP             $50

VACP             $175 (First year members get a $75 discount)

VPA                $55

Please see the full application for details on reduced rates for student and associate memberships.


Why do I have to join VPA in order to be a member?

NVCP is the local branch of the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists, which is one division of the Virginia Psychological Association.  Although we are a distinct regional entity within VPA, VPA is our parent organization and membership in NVCP is conditional on belonging also to VPA.


Can I join if I am not a licensed clinical psychologist?

Students enrolled in psychology graduate programs and post-graduates who are currently seeking licensure, but are not yet licensed may join NVCP.  Because we are a professional organization for psychologists, members of the public who are not psychologists or psychology students are not eligible to join NVCP.


Is there a separate rate for students?

Student membership for those currently enrolled in college or graduate school is $10 per year for NVCP.  Please check the VPA website for fees to join at the state level.


How can I be more involved?

Just volunteer!   Getting involved with NVCP is a great way to network with colleagues and stay in touch with what is happening in the field and on the state level.  If you are interested in a position on the board you can contact the NVCP president.  Board terms are for two years with the elections held in the spring of even years.  NVCP is always looking for volunteers for the Continuing Education Committee, Website Committee, Newsletter Committee and Public Relations.  Read more information about these opportunities


How does the Find A Psychologist function work?

After joining NVCP, you will be provided with a user name and password to access the NVCP webpage.  This will allow you to login and create a profile page where you specify your clinical areas of expertise, population served, office location, contact information and links to your website.  You will be able to specify some information that is for members only and some that is available to the public.  Members of the public will be able to search for providers by zip code, population served, treatment modality, gender and client age ranges.


When are the Continuing Education seminars offered?

You can access the calendar of CE events here.

NVCP sponsors three to four Continuing Education programs throughout the year, each typically worth 3 CEUs that are accredited by the Virginia Board of Psychology. These programs are open to non-members, including colleagues in allied professions. Members of NVCP received a 50% discount on the cost of each CE. Our CE Committee arranges at least one event that satisfies the specific annual licensure renewal requirement of 1.5 CE units on ethics, standards of practice and the law. State regulations require 14 accredited CEUs per year for licensed psychologists, six of which must be in person.

These programs are usually preceded by a networking opportunity combined with a multi-course luncheon in a private dining area at Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant in Tyson’s II Galleria.  Advanced registration is required and may be made via mail, email or fax. For more information or to suggest a program, please contact our CE Committee Chair. insert email link to “NVCP Vice President”


I lost my password or user ID. What do I do?

Please go to the login page and click on the link for “lost password”