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Membership: Leadership Opportunities

Real Benefits and Rewards of Participating in NVCP Leadership

Northern Virginia Clinical Psychologists provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Becoming a member allows you to meet and get to know dedicated and interesting colleagues. It is fun and gratifying to work with others to support our peers, accomplish worthwhile projects that enhance work-life quality, and provide helpful and informative services to our community.

Becoming involved with NVCP can help to develop professional skills such as leadership, management, being a change agent, legislative advocacy, communicating to groups and to the public, professional writing, and helping to shape organizational policy. You can add variety to your work experience, influence issues faced by our profession in Virginia, and learn more about how NVCP functions as an organization.

Some ways to get more involved include

  • Serving on the NVCP Board as an officer or committee chair
  • Joining a NVCP committee like Mentoring or Public Relations
  • Representing NVCP on a state-level VACP Committee
  • Drawing on your expertise to write an article for the Newsletter or present a CE program.

When you get involved you are helping to shape NVCP in ways that add to its relevance for our profession and its appeal to our community.  We encourage all members to get involved, let your voice be heard and grow with us!


Contact the President for information about becoming more involved wtih NVCP.  Board elections occur in the spring of even years.

With NVCP Board members, develops policy and service initiatives, manages and supports organizational services and products, presides over NVCP Board meetings, coordinates meeting agenda, recruits committee chairs, hosts or delegates hosting of CE and other NVCP events, and serves as NVCP representative on the VACP Executive Council.

Works closely with the president to share the duties of president and stands in for the president in her/his absence. Precedent has been for the vice-president to serve as Chairperson of the Continuing Education Committee.  This position involves organizing and facilitating all CE events, including registration and event planning.

Mainly records minutes of board meetings and distributes them to board members in preparation of board meetings. As needed prepares or relays information to members, VACP or VPA from the Board, as may be necessary and sends out correspondence from the Board.

Collects fees, makes deposits and pays for expenses, prepares financial reports for board meetings; balances checkbook and advises the Board on financial matters.

At-Large Board Members (2 members)
Though the bylaws do not require it, each At-Large Board member usually assumes some committee leadership positions such as the Legislative Advocacy and Community & Media Relations Committees.

Advocacy Committee (1 or more members)
Contact the Legislative Advocate for information about state and local advocacy.

Chairperson, identifies advocacy opportunities, interfaces with VACP Federal Advocacy Network Coordinator, VACP Legislative and VACP legislative counsel, advises the Board about advocacy matters, proposes positions for Board approval, and solicits advocacy interventions from members via NVCP Message Board, NVCP Newsletter Journal and website when latter functionality is established. Serves as the NVCP representative on the VACP Legislative Committee.

Continuing Education Committee
Contact the NVCP Vice President to volunteer for the CE committee or suggest a speaker for a CE event.

Chairperson (typically, the NVCP Vice-President), with other committee members, surveys members regarding CE interests, arranges NVCP-sponsored CE programs and luncheons, facilitates CE accreditation, reviews evaluation sheets, and introduces the presenter. CE Program Registrar receives registration forms, collects fees, mails CE forms to VPA. Communications Manager develops and mails CE announcement flyers.

Website (Multiple members)
Contact the Website Liaison to volunteer to assist with website development, enhancement and maintenance.

Chairperson manages website operations, policies and procedures, and hires and supervises work of web designers and webhosting services. Recommends to the Board enhancements and additional functionalities and services. Enters or arranges to enter web content and handles inquiries about website.

NVCP Message Board Committee
Moderator (Chairperson) manages policies and procedures, facilitates sign-up process and provides general supervision to maintain courtesy and adherence to guidelines.

Community and Media Relations Committee (1 or more members)
Contact the Chair to volunteer.

Chairperson manages the community and media relations, identifies opportunities to educate the public about our profession or organization through media, community events (e.g., health fairs), and community organizations, and drafts or coordinates letters-to-editor, press releases and promotional materials. Manages the NVCP Speaker’s Bureau, collects member interests and competencies as speaker and conducting community education program or training for an organization. Handles inquiries and matches requests with resource. Assists in arranging for members to submit articles for Consumer Information section of the website.

Membership Development Committee (1 or more members)
Contact NVCP Membership Chair for more information.

Chairperson, develops strategies and manages membership recruitment, serves as contact person for prospective and new members and handles inquiries, and collects information from new members for online membership database and printed directory. Serves as NVCP representative on VACP Membership and Bylaws Committee.

Mentorship Committee (Multiple members)
Contact Mentorship Chair to volunteer or be matched with a mentor/mentee

Chairperson develops policies and procedures, recruits mentors, serves as contact person for members (often but not exclusively early career and the newly located into the area) and students seeking mentoring services and matches needs with resources. Maintains privacy and confidentiality.

Publications Committee (multiple members)
Contact the Newsletter Editor to volunteer to assist in creating, editing or writing for the newsletter.

  • Editor-in-Chief (combined, multiple or separate editors) of print and online editions of NVCP Newsletter Journal.
  • Feature Editor solicits, coordinates, advises regarding publication style and edits article submissions.
  • Distribution Manager arranges for printing and mailing.
  • Advertising Manager handles inquiries, assists with ad and collects fees.
  • Copy Editor (one or more) reviews and corrects publication for errors.
  • Lay-out Editor using desktop publishing software (e.g., MS Publisher) designs, selects and arranges the placement of copy and graphics.
  • Columnists write regular or occasional features such as book reviews, essays, articles on clinical topics, inform members about useful resources, psychological reviews of film, theatre, movie, art and fiction, etc.

Student Member Representative
Attends, provides input, and assists with board meetings and organizational functions.

NVCP Representative to VACP Health Care Benefits Committee
Contact the NVCP Benefits Chair for more information.

Serves on this important VACP committee that develops policies to help provide information about general insurance concerns and issues of note across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Reports to the NVCP Board and membership via NVCP Message Board and NVCP Newsletter Journal.

NVCP Representative to other VPA/VACP Committees includes

  • Business Relations/Psychological Healthy Workplace Award Program Committee
  • Prescription Privileges Task Force
  • VPA Convention Programming
  • Other Ad Hoc committees such as VPA Website Development, etc.