Executive Board

The NVCP Executive Board consists of elected officers, two Members-at-Large, the immediate Past-President as well as Board-appointed chairs of standing committees. These are two-year positions, except for the Past-President term of one year. Generally, the Vice-President also serves as Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, and each of the Members-at-Large also head different committees. Other NVCP leadership positions include chairs of NVCP task forces and our representatives on VACP and VPA committees.


Laurentia Ruby, Psy.D.

Vice-President & Continuing Education (CE) Chair

Tiffany Duffing, Ph.D.


Christine Golden, PhD


Ann O’Malley, PhD

Membership Development Chair / Member-at-Large

Kate Lieberman, Ph.D.

Legislative Advocacy Chair / Member-at-Large

Anna Lucca, Ph.D.

Website/Social Media Co-Chairs

Victoria Chialy Smith, Ph.D. and Erica Chow, Psy.D.

Newsletter Journal Editor

Jane Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Diversity Chair

Scott Krysztofiak, Psy.D.


Caryll Jefferies, Psy.D.